This is Ipan Agrop.

Developed by the Advanced Navigation Research Institute (Teresópolis Headquarters), a channel for the exchange of information was created, free of charge, for all agribusiness users, ranging from real climate data with weekly daily Items agriculture, crops etc.

In the Livestock, sale of cuts or matrices, milks and their derivatives, machinery and equipment, that can be commercialized within the App.

The bases of the system are in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Teresópolis, Petrópolis, Nova Friburgo.

Meteorological information, measured 24 hours a day, is updated free of charge every 10 minutes for all sectors of agribusiness logistics.

Aim is to bring security to the Man of the Field and be a channel of information, exchanges, buying and selling in the agribusiness sector.

Our goal is therefore to bring security to the man of the field and contribute information, helping him to reach business partners, thus reaching a plateau in excellence.

In addition to those interested, we will sell the system in more detail in the item sales.

Aplicativo IPAN Masces

The IPAN Masces was created with a focus on various applications

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  • Weather information updated in real time
  • Historical data found
  • News and information about the IPAN

IPAN Agrop

This arose from the need of the farmer and rancher to accompany, daily, the meteorological elements, with the atmosphere item and the agriculture item. Our technicians thus give the best planting date, based on data such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, pressure, wind, cloud height, dew point, radiation - real-time weather events, being updated every 10 minutes.

It is also possible to access images and videos, accompanying each phase of the plantation or cattle raising, forming a history that will best assist the farmer in his productivity.

The tool also shows information about companies, stores of supplements and agricultural equipment, in addition to exposing agricultural market news.

Download the Ipan Agrop application now.

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